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Coil King AIO

- Powerful vapour production
- Can be used MTL (mouth to lung) style
- Can be used at any angle after initial melt
- Three Heat Settings (Voltage based)
- Built in Zirconia Ceramic Dab Tool
- Ergonomic Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece
- Built in leak-proof silicone lined storage pot
- Replaceable Silicone storage pot lining
- Stainless Steel build
- Stylish Brushed finish
- Kanthal A1 Dual Clapton Coil wrap with either a - Quartz or Porous Black Ceramic Rod
(ceramic coming soon)
- Excellent battery life - 7 -12 sessions depending on temp, burn off cleaning, concentrate
and dab size
- 1 hour 40 charge - 650mah battery - Gentle battery charging for long life
- USB-C Charging
- Replaceable pre-made atomizers/coils
- 140mm Long x 16mm Wide Approx.
- 14mm Water tool compatible with an adapter
- 14mm silicone water tool adapter fits directly onto mouthpiece. Also really great if you
sometimes knock your teeth with your mouthpiece.
- Compatible with solid and waxy concentrates
- Leak free design
- Airflow isolated from battery
- Isolated Vapour Path - Vapour Contacts Stainless Steel and Zirconia Ceramic
- No dyes, glues or any other nasties.

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